Sunday, 11 October 2009

Does anyone out there NOT know I'm a Fag-Hag?!

Today is International Coming Out Day.  An inspirational way to support equality, raise awareness of the difficulties and celebrate the courage of LGBT people.  It was a simple effort to change my Facebook status, join the Facebook event and post a couple of updates on Twitter to show I was an ally (others chose gay/bisexual/lesbian/transgender as appropriate).

There couldn't have been better timing to see the cabaret group of the London Gay Men's Chorus perform "Far From Kansas - Oklahomo".  It sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, and I understand why.  The story of 18 lonely, gay cowboys looking for love at "Dick's Halfway Inn" was brilliantly entertaining, with some deliciously wicked rewriting of some classic show-tunes.  Laugh-out-loud funny, I'd recommend checking out the video of "Brokeback meets Broadway in the heart of London".

Oh, and there was "Karaoke" in the bar afterwards - but with a lot of the LGMC who were in the audience taking part, there was no way I'd be embarrassing myself, with my distinct lack of tune.  However, my lovely friend Mikey got up to sing "Fame".  The party went on without me - well, I did want to get this blog out ;)

Can't wait to see Singderella this Christmas!

Cheers, KangaRue

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