Tuesday, 25 January 2011

To cycle, or not to cycle... that is the question?

I must apologise that this is my inaugural post for 2011.  Uni work was nuts at the end of last year, and BoyWonder and I travelled home to Australia for a holiday in November (future blog posts on that later).  Before then, I was cycling to work three or four times a week.  Off on holiday we went - where we walked, swam and snorkelled in the sunshine.  And then returned to freezing temperatures back in London, only for it to snow a couple of days later.  It was a bit of a shock to say the least, but not more than the surprise I got the following week... at the hospital... when I found out I was 7-weeks pregnant.  It was good news - I was expecting the doctor to tell me something was wrong, but it was a surprise, albeit a pleasant - nay - a big, exciting and joyous one!

So, I will catch up over the next few weeks on the load of foodie and travel blogposts I have planned, but for now, back to the cycling...

Obviously I wasn't going to cycle to work in the ice and snow - I wouldn't have done this without being pregnant, it just been too dangerous.  But seeing as I am pregnant, the risk of falling/sliding/stacking was just too great.  And while the weather is hardly balmy yet (!), it is getting less cold, and the ice and snow is gone.  I've passed the 12-week mark, the doc has said I can exercise, I've kept up with my yoga and pilates... so I was contemplating getting back into my cycle-to-work (somewhat encouraged by the general crapness and unpleasantness of my public transport commute...).

But a couple of the pregnancy sites and books have said it isn't a good idea incase I fall off (but it's OK to cycle on an exercise bike... dullsville).  But one book has said it is good - keeps the hips moving and my growing weight will be supported.  My boss - who was lovely and very excited when I told him my news - freaked today when I told him I was going to start cycling again.  Now, I must point out that I have never fallen off my bike before.

I miss my bike, I miss the general well-being and relaxation I feel when I've cycled.

With such mixed responses so far, I am be keen to find out if there are any other Mum's out there who continued to cycle - or anyone else who has any thoughts?

Cheers, KangaRue


  1. Cycling to work is a big NO! NO! as far as we are concerned. However, lie on the bed, stick your feet up in the air and do 'air' cycling. You never know, he/she might pop a head up and say "Hello Mummy".

    Mum and Dad XXXX

  2. I was still cycling (recreationally away from busy streets) when I was 9 months pregnant. You asked on twitter what my best 3 purchases were. Have to say they were a baby swing, nothing fancy, no music, no vibrating, an inflatable ring when they get to point of being able to sit up, and our door bouncer! I have all of these in my loft and you are welcome to them.

  3. This post by a friend of mine in Melbourne may help you - she cycled all the way through her pregnancy: http://tothotornot.com/2010/08/hot-or-not-cycling-during-pregnancy/

    Good luck!

  4. My first pregnancy, age 36, I cycled each day - a round trip along the Pacific Highway and home again for about 5kms is all. Nobody told me it was not a good thing to do - I just did it to keep fit, and because I could manage it before work.

    To me, most of parenting is about trying to find a balance between what your head and your heart tell you. Happy balancing!


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