Monday, 14 March 2011

Competitive Mums already...?!

I have a lovely yoga teacher.  I was doing her classes before my pregnancy, and switched to pregnancy yoga this year.  The first 8-week set of classes I attended commenced with about 8 attendees, gradually dwindling as Mum's-to-be left on their maternity leave.

Just one new face last week, and another newbie this week.  A maximum of 5 attendees this round, so a small, intimate class.  Now I must say, everyone I've met so far has been just lovely.

So today's new girl is barely showing, but is at the 20-week mark (where I am).  I feel enormous, and said so with a laugh.  Some sarky comment came back at me... I'm surprised at how the competitive Mums are already showing up.  I mentioned that it depends on how each person's uterus is positioned... and got a smug smile back.

So I turned to one of the girls I've known a while and mentioned that I saw the doc last week, and had mentioned that I'd been worried that I'd not put any weight on yet.  New girl then, a little more quietly, mentioned that she'd already put a stone on.

Who's smug now then?  But perhaps I shouldn't have said that I actually lost 4kg's the first month after I found out I was pregnant... and have actually put on 600g since  *blush*

Has anyone else come across competitive Mums this early on?

PS.  I'm off for my 20-week scan tomorrow, wish me luck?  Halfway there!

Cheers, KangaRue


  1. Luck today hon - thinking of you and cant wait to see the pics!

    PS: Watched Glee last night from last week....sorrrrrrrrry

  2. Scan went well, Pickle's legs are VERY long!

  3. Great news about the scan - try and ignore the smug, baby Karma comes back to bite. Kirstyxx

  4. I bet you've put on a little bit more weight than 600g by now :) So calculating from the above date and you having a 20 week scan must be about due!! (What can I say, I trained as a midwife way before I became a foodie hehe) Wishing you all the very best for a safe happy birthing experience and look forward to hearing good news soon...and maybe a photo of a sweet little Pickle xx


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