Saturday, 28 November 2009

BoyWonder's Kryptonite?!

Some of you may already know that BoyWonder and I are renovating our home... well, he does the work and I either make tea or stay out of the way!  And to date, he has done a spectacular job: replumbing downstairs, stripping back and varnishing the Victorian floorboards, installing new plumbing for upstairs, cutting a trench through cement for the new waste, putting up a stud wall, not to mention the lighter touches of painting etc...  and at some point no doubt there will be some before and after pictures.

But that won't be today.

No, today's job was installing a loft ladder in the master bedroom.  He did all the prep work before needing my help getting it into the loft and adding some support to the plasterboard as he fitted it.  So far so good.  He's up in the loft, when I notice that something looks a little strange...

Me:  Babe, where's the handle?
BW:  In front of your face.
Me:  Um, no it isn't...
BW:  [Tut] of course it is.... oh crap, it's behind the plasterboard... I'm stuck and can't get down.

Yes, the handle is behind the plaster that he'd left to add support - not realising that once the ladder contraption is wedged in place, it also blocked his exit.  So stifling giggles, I hunt down the dry-board saw to hack out the remaining plasterboard; in the process getting completely covered in plaster dust.

But did he thank me for rescuing him?  No, he dared to complain that one corner was down too low from the directions I'd given... I should have left him stuck up there!

Cheers, KangaRue

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lots going on...

Work has been insane, but I've still managed to have some fun!

Firstly, there was the opening night of The Parlour the first of half a dozen new restaurants/nightspots sorely needed in Canary Wharf.  I met two couples, Caroline and David, Joanne and Darren before BoyWonder turned up.  It was very loud, but the free drinks and occasional canapes sweetened the mood!  It's very different - read more funky - from any of the current venues, so very welcome.  Lunch a week or so later with the girls from the office lead to mixed reviews - my confit duck was great, as were the veggie lasagnas - though the risotto was a miss.
Next I went to visit my lovely and talented friend Patrick - hairdresser to the stars - and me of course!  So I started that Friday as a blonde, but ended up a red-head; with a dose of purple thrown into the back for good measure.  We went for drinks afterwards at our club Molton House which is a high-fashion bar with a good wine list (the South African pinotage-viogner blend was lovely) - I'm looking forward to going back for cocktails and to try out the restaurant... and when work gets less nuts, to go for a boogie in the nightclub.

Last night BoyWonder and I met up with half of the Parlour Pals again to check out Lower East, another new opening at Canary Wharf.  The plan was to have dinner there, then head to Mile End to introduce them to a great East End pub, but we never made it.  Dinner was good, with some mixed results.  Good cocktails, wine, organic oysters, crab cakes and venison; but overcooked, under-seasoned steak and tasteless half-pint of prawns let it down... the friendly service may be its saving grace.

While I was there I also managed to do a Wild BookCrossing Release.  Leaving the book behind at the bar stool, was easy - and it wasn't there when I checked later, so fingers crossed that some kind soul found it, will post it's find online and I'll get to know about its travels.  I've also done a couple of "Controlled Releases" and Exchanges so once those have come to fruition there will be more news.

Other than that, I spent today shopping for an angle-grinder and blade with BoyWonder - tres excitement... then we went to the garden centre to appease me... when did we become middle aged?!  Study tomorrow...

Cheers, KangaRue