About Me

I'm originally from Sydney, Australia and moved to London for a year-long working holiday... back in 1999!

A long-desired child, "Pickle", entered the world in August 2011. Our family is completed by two Burmese cats, Lulu and Hermes.

In early 2012, I became a single parent, and towards the end of that year, Pickle and I moved back to Australia. We are now living in Hervey Bay, Queensland, on the Fraser Coast. Dramatic lifestyle changes all round, we are a car-free household and get around on a cargo-bike.

Theoretically, I'm an "older" mother, though I neither feel it, nor I hope look it! In my former London life, I was a Personal Assistant, working in - dare I say it? - Investment Banking, completing a Counselling degree part-time over about seven and a half years. Aiming to simplify life, I'm now working part-time as a Counsellor.

I love food, both cooking and eating out, ideally accompanied by some good wine. Developing an eye for photography, I enjoy food blogging along with photos of Pickle, of course. When I find the time, I love movies, art and reading... though these seem to be becoming luxuries more and more.

Cheers, KangaRue :)

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