Sunday, 20 September 2009

Anyone for Bugs?

Bugs Bunny that is...

Lulu and Hermes are posh cats - they get fresh food: rabbit four ways as well as fish and chicken.  Rabbit is not something I've ever eaten before, but I was inspired by Browner's Hare Three Ways.  So when doing my last order of rabbit I decided to order some for BoyWonder and me to eat for a change.

Bagging up rabbit offal surprisingly didn't turn me off cooking dinner!  I'll spare you photos of that. ;)

I'm happy with the results, though I forgot to include both our home-grown shallots, and the yorkshire pudding - well, it is a Sunday roast after all.  But the home-grown potatoes were delicious.  I wrapped the rabbit in prosciutto to keep it moist after stuffing with garlic and basil.  Next time I might try thyme.  Corgettes (zucchini) and carrots finished off the meal which was well complemented with a South African pinotage.  I won't be swapping beef or lamb for rabbit in a hurry, but I'd definitely try it again.  Would you be game?!

Cheers, KangaRue


  1. Sounds good. Are you planning to make anything rabbity with the bones and legs?

  2. Just got the saddle for us - the chunks & bone-in pieces currently go to the cats (tho I love the sound of your ragout & pate). Perhaps I'll raid theirs and leave them the mince (bone-in) and offal - both of which are not for human consumption. Told you they were spoilt cats!


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