Monday, 30 January 2012

27/366 - First Bites

Pickle has been increasingly interested in trying food (i.e. he has a complete hissy-fit if I'm eating something and he doesn't get to try it).  Technically, Baby-led Weaning is not supposed to start until 6 months, but we're only a couple of weeks away, and his cues are kind of obvious!

His first go was on a bit of rusk.  No I didn't mush it down with milk (mine or formula), but gave him a hunk to gnaw on and he loved it.  He's tried a green bean (not a fan first time around), broccoli (which he had great fun sucking the florets from then gnawing on to help his teething), crusts of bread (he loved the onion bread from our meal out), and while avocado and egg white were tried, they were a little slippery and promptly ended up on the floor.  His favourite food so far is chicken, as you can see from his expression in this photo.


Eating food isn't about nutrition for Pickle at this stage, instead it's about experiencing tastes and textures.  He's still getting Mummy-Milk, so it's not important how much ends up on the floor!

Cheers, KangaRue :)

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  1. Very cute!! I didn't do baby led weaning, but know lots of people who thought it was fantastic! Good luck! and lovely to find your blog. xx


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