Sunday, 6 June 2010

Real Woman

I regularly fill out prize applications and the like - you've got to "be in it to win it" as they say.  So I filled in a Dove survey for a free sample, and a full sized product arrived in the mail.  I was seriously impressed by the bodywash - I use Dove soap and bodywash already, but their (at that point in time unreleased) new product Dove VisibleCare really did make a difference to my skin.  I filled out the response form online and clicked the "yes I'd be willing to be in promotional material" box - thinking that nothing would ever really come of it.

Lo and behold I got an email asking if I'd be willing to take part in a photoshoot.  Would I?!  I took a day off work, met some great people and generally had a laugh.  No, it's not on TV or anything quite so flash, but it is online.  You can see me if you look quickly at the moving image, but I'm on the second "page" of the testimonials - click on the "next" link and I'm in the front row, second from the left.

I haven't been paid for this, but I'm still using the product, and can seriously recommend it.  And yes, Dove really does use real women!

Cheers, KangaRue

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