Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fish Food

Still a foodie review, this will be slightly different from my usual posts, since I am going to be the food!  Yes, I was heading to Aqua Sheko for a fish pedicure.  I've heard of this treatment from friends who had visited Asia, so I was thrilled when I saw the offer on Wahanda.  I could sit back on a padded leather seat, submerge my feet in warm water while silvery Garra Rufa fish sucked off the dead cells on my feet.  Usually £30 to have your feet washed and 25 minutes with the fish (there is an upgraded service that includes - a glorious looking - 15 minute massage with Neals Yard products), the Wahanda deal at £12 was a bargain.

After I got over my fits of giggles at the tickling feeling of the fish, it was actually very relaxing.  In the end it felt more like spa bubbles massaging my feet.  Swirling my feet gently around or opening my toes attracted more fish.  BoyWonder sat at the next chair, and enjoyed it even more - surprisingly, as he is generally more ticklish than me - and we chatted over the green tea that was offered to us.  And fear not, it doesn't hurt the fish - little can survive in the temperatures of their natural waters, so we're providing mutally-benefial service; and after hours, if they're still hungry, they feast on cucumber.

Afterwards, my feet were lovely and soft, and since the fish only remove one layer of skin at a time, ideally a series of treatments should be undertaken to get feet in tip-top condition.  We both really enjoyed it, and look forward to going again.

Cheers, KangaRue

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  1. Shouldn't they be paying you to feed their fish for them :)
    Sounds lovely!


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