Thursday, 17 January 2013

Scooting About (15/365)

My new friend, Deb, is not going to thank me for this photo.  She's not looking her most glamorous here.  But I think that is the sign of a good friend - when you don't feel the need to get all "dolled up".

Anyhow... she dropped over for a glass of bubbly and got suckered kindly offered to push Pickle around the garden on his Mini-Micro Scooter.  Now, Pickle is perfectly capable of pushing himself around on it... but it's obviously far more fun to be chauffeur driven, by the grin on his face!

15 January 2013

Thanks for the company Deb - promise I'll make the photo up to you!

Cheers, Kanga_Rue

PS.  Deb is another friend I've met through Twitter.  She's not the first Tweeter I've become friends with IRL, and I don't expect she'll be the last.  Have you met friends this way, or through any other "unusual" channels?


  1. Hmph! Just kidding. Wore the same outfit (t-shirt and old baggy yoga pants) shopping yesterday!

  2. I met my partner through Twitter. We've been together for over 2 years now. The power of social media - who needs dating sites?!


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