Sunday, 5 February 2012

34/366 - New Tastes

I am in stitches every time Pickle tries something new to eat.  He screws up his little face and looks like he hates it, but keeps trying and starts enjoying it.  He has done this with everything he has tried!  He looks so cute, but I can't help feeling mean for laughing at him.  He ended up wolfing down this piece of kiwi fruit and then some watermelon.

34/366 - 3 Feb 2012

I think he takes after BoyWonder, who to this day hates mushrooms, aubergine (eggplant for the Aussies) and goats' cheese, but will keep trying them, just in case!  Because of his tenacity, we discovered that BoyWonder actually likes duck, just not the skin (more for me!).

Cheers, KangaRue :)


  1. What a great pic, love his little expression, he looks like he's not sure whether to love it or hate it. His little fingers gripping the kiwi are so cute too.

  2. His face is an absolute picture!

  3. Thanks for linking up to #Project366


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