Monday, 12 March 2012

57/366 - Allergic Reaction?

Pickle is a breast-fed baby, so we've not had a lot of contact with formula, and when we did it wasn't particularly successful (rant warning!).  A week or so ago he had Weetbix mixed with formula.  We're doing baby-led weaning, which means he feeds himself the majority of the time, and some foods do tend to go every where.  Wherever it came into contact with his skin turned red within a couple of minutes after contact.  It didn't seem to disturb him particularly, and he hasn't seemed to have any gastro-intestinal issues, but I couldn't get him into the bath quick enough.  I wasn't sure if it was the wheat or the milk and was reluctant to try either again.

57/366 - 26 Feb 2012
So today we tried the teeny pots of fromage frais that seem to be loved by babies, and while he seemed to enjoy it well enough, again within a couple of minutes his skin turned very red.  Unfortunately it also got into his eyes (he rubbed his hands into them), so I rushed him into the bath.  The below photo is after his bath, and the red in the photo doesn't show up as bright as it did in real life.  It soon settled down, but until we get home to the UK and can try to get him some allergy testing we're avoiding milk.  I'd love to hear if anyone has had a similar experience?

Cheers, KangaRue :)


  1. yes, my grandson was breast fed till about  6 months, with dairy in his mums diet. Granddaughter "helped out" when he was about  6 months old with 1 spoonful of yoghurt, and he ended up in an ambulance in A&E.
    Dairy makes him break out in hives with seconds of eating/touching it, makes him vomit in less than a minute then puts him into anapylatic shock within 2 mins unless he uses his epi-pens

    will find my blog at which covers life in more details, do not hesitate I am happy to help as I know how worrying it is.

  2. My nephew was allergic to milk and dairy products in this way - went bright red with any contact. He has grown out of it.

  3. Elaine - I'm so sorry to hear it.  Such a strong reaction too.  I'm extremely thankful that Pickle hasn't reacted that way too, though I understand it can be an accumulative thing to, so avoiding everything.

    Juliet - I'm going to have to pick your brain/knowledge when I'm back.  BoyWonder spent his first three years dairy-free and is still lactose intolerant, so we know where Pickle gets it from.


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