Sunday, 13 January 2013

Missing a few steps?

Well, I wasn't expecting to write about dating quite so soon!  But I had a call the other night, from a man I've know in a professional capacity over the many years I've visited the Grandparentals in Hervey Bay.  Let's call him Dr. Coy (not to be confused with Star Trek's Dr. McCoy).

Dr. Coy is recently divorced, he seems quite reserved, and I expect he's lonely.  And it must be difficult not to become fodder for gossip in a semi-rural location like Hervey Bay.

Anyhow... Dr. Coy proceeded to tell me about a board he was on, and a conference he was due to attend in a couple of weeks.  Now, I'd recently mentioned my counselling studies to him, so I wasn't quite sure where this was going to start with.  Call me naive if you will.

There would be outings and dinners, and would I like to join him?  For the weekend.  It wouldn't be suitable to bring Pickle (understandably), and there's no way I could leave him for an entire weekend, with the elderly Grandparentals, but that's beside the point.

Whatever happened to "would you like to join me for a coffee/drink/dinner"?
I still think a mini-break is a big deal - if not quite as much as Bridget Jones' "a mini-break means true love".

I actually have no idea if I have anything in common with this guy - being stuck in a car sharing the driving for six hours each way, let alone the rest of the time, could be a nightmare.  And let's not even discuss sleeping arrangements!

I must admit, there's a little Jewish voice whispering in my ear: "go out with him, he's a doctor"... But then again, I'm a Very Bad Jew ;)

But perhaps I've jumped the gun, and that wasn't his intention at all; what do you think?

Cheers, KangaRue :)


  1. Perhaps time is short so he's decided to skip a few steps along the way... Or perhaps it's so long since he was on the dating scene he's revisiting the caveman technique (like those on the paleo eating plan!) and wanted to avoid whacking you across the head with his club and dragging you back home... ?! Or perhaps you're an outsider and 'safe'. Or of course... he could just be smitten!

  2. So.....what did you decide? :-)


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