Friday, 25 January 2013

Toadgate (18, 23 & 24/365)

I can be pretty pathetic when it comes to creepy crawlies - I'll admit there have been bouts of girlie squealing on more than one occasion.  My Twitter peeps will know when a tree frog jumped in the house, I wasn't best pleased.  They're cute, but outside please!  I despise cockroaches, but if I've a rolled up newspaper handy, I can take care of those, along with some frustrations.

18 January 2013

But in Queensland, Cane Toads are the pest beyond exception.  These nasty critters not only eat native frogs, but kill household pets and wild birds as they're poisonous.  They're also damn ugly.  Most nights, and always if there's a drop of rain, I'm greeted by an army of them surrounding the house.

23 January 2013

It took me a while to learn how to distinguish them, besides not being a bright lime green like the tree frogs, they have a ridge that runs from each eye socket to the end of their nose.  The little guy in 18/365 was a baby between the sliding doors to the back garden... inside the house.  Not happy!  He got fried in the heat between the glass panes though (more's the pity).

24 January 2013

And they're getting bigger!

The traditional way of dispatching them is with a golf club, though that's frowned upon by the PC brigade.  Another option is spraying them with disinfectant - apparently they froth, swell up and dance a right old jig on their way out.  I'd love to know a hands-off, humane approach (I will not be picking one up in a plastic bag - I'd have to TOUCH it - and then put it in the freezer WITH MY FOOD... are people nuts?!).

Would love to know any of your suggestions, thoughts etc!

Cheers, Kanga_Rue

PS.  While I'll apologise for the lack of photographic clarity in these shots, they've been snapped with my phone, at night, and I'm not getting any closer! *girlie squeal*

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  1. I'm with you. Toads are creepy. No humane suggestions - sorry. I had a similar problem trying to catch a mouse / rat once. Was unable to actually set the mousetrap (long story) so bought this glue stuff which was more common in Asia where I was living... but it means they get stuck and stay there, waiting to die. Blech!


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