Saturday, 12 January 2013

Taking the dog for a walk (11/365)

Santa took a liberal approach to Pickle's "something to wear" this year, and brought him Patch, the doggy backpack with a lead.  He absolutely loves taking Patch for a walk.

11 January 2013

I always said I'd never put my child on a lead... and then I had an extremely active baby.  He's far happier walking around on his own - he doesn't always want to hold my hand, and he's getting to be too much of a lump to carry everywhere.  This way Pickle gets some independence, while I can make sure he's not wrecking havoc.  

And he loves Patch - he even wants to wear him inside (the strap is removable). Definitely one of Santa's better ideas.

Cheers, @Kanga_Rue

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