Sunday, 8 January 2012

7/366 - Sensory Box & 8/366 - Birthday Brunch

It's been a fun weekend.  I've started a sensory box for Pickle, which I believe is a Montessori idea.  It is all about engaging his kinesthetic sense - through my counselling studies, I came to learn that most people have one or two preferences for learning through their visual, audio or kinesthetic (touch) sense.  As someone who is a visual-kinesthetic, it is apparent to me that most teaching ignores learning though touch, so the idea of a sensory box greatly appealed.  Different textures are employed; his favourites so far are the wooden peg (he's having a good old chew in this photo, so it has a double effect of helping with teething!), the metal whisk, the cardboard tube, and one of BoyWonder's old silk ties.  Watching him explore each piece with utter fascination is absolutely delightful.

Would you be interested in discovering your own preferred sense?  I'd be happy to help with a future blog post if there is interest.

Sunday was kick-started with my birthday brunch.  We went to Chapters in Blackheath.  And while the service and food had lost a bit of it's shine from previous occasions, I expect this was due to our large group size.  My Eggs Benedict with the addition of creamed spinach was delicious (though one of the poached eggs was no longer soft), and while on any normal day it would have likely featured as my photo for the day, with such a fabulous group of friends to help me celebrate, I had to share a group pic.

Back row: Rowan, Pickle, BoyWonder, Liam, Glenn,
Gerry, Elisa, Julian, Shaherah, Caroline, Livvy
Front row: Veleta, Grant, Brett, Me, Dave
I consider myself lucky to have met this great bunch.  How I met BoyWonder deserves a blog of its own, and there is an imminent one due on meeting Pickle.  As for the others (in order of appearance in my life):

I met Rowan through one of my best friends, many years ago; while my friend Joe has since returned to Australia, I'm thankful for him introducing us, though I dread to wonder how many years it's been!  Through Rowan I met Liam, Brett and Glenn.

Caroline and Dave picked me up in a bar!  I was at the opening of the Parlour Bar in Canary Wharf one night, flicking away at my phone, being Billy-no-mates while I awaited BoyWonder's (late) arrival.  Complimentary food and drinks were flowing.  I was passed a prawn shish kebab, when one of the prawns promptly fell off the skewer.  I thought I'd managed to style it out, when Dave lent over and said "saw that!".  He introduced me to his lovely new-bride, and they have now been joined by the gorgeous Livvy.

Around the same time, I met Shaherah at the Dove VisibleCare photo shoot - front row in this pic, I'm 2nd from the left, and Shaherah is the third in.  We got to chatting, discovered we were both living in Sarf-East London, literally just minutes from each other.  Though I thought her husband Julian was a figment of her imagination for quite some time, I finally got to meet him last year.

Elisa also came to me via a close friend in Oz, Sue, who visited a while back - Sue suggested we meet up when Elisa and Gerry moved over to London.

While the majority of this motley crew tweet, Veleta is the only one here who I met through Twitter.  We got to chatting and I met her, along with Grant, early last year.  I feel very fortunate to have discovered such a lovely person in a fairly unusual way.

So, to my lovely friends who helped me celebrate today, even singing me Happy Birthday, I would like to raise my glass and toast them with: "Let's not age - let's just marinate"*.

*quote from my birthday card from Veleta!

Cheers, KangaRue :)


  1. Twitter names for my lovelies above are: @BoyWonder_UK, @myronsister @phoenixuk0 @brettshane @CarolineMead @shaherahjordan @Aussie_Foodie @Mrs_Mups

  2. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you've had a great weekend! xx

  3. Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL little face! Love the idea of a sensory box too.


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